Comprehensive Guide Educates Readers about Public-Private Partnerships and their Benefits

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ernest C. Brown, Esq., PE shares the immense advantages of public-private partnerships (P3) in his recently released book, “Citizen’s Guide to P3 Projects: A Legal Primer for Public-Private Partnerships.” Designed to help architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, elected public officials and ordinary citizens learn more about P3 projects, Brown showcases the process from project conception to construction. Tapping into his background as a leading P3 expert to provide his wide-ranging research on the topic, this guide is an exceptional resource to all who want to learn more about the P3 revolution and its positive impact on communities.

Serving as an agreement between a public agency and private entity for the design, construction, financing and management of a project or service used by the public, Brown expresses how the P3 approach has great benefits including an opportunity for citizens to advocate for creative local projects.

Throughout his career, Brown has advised more than one billion dollars in US P3 projects and dozens of design build projects and sign build operate transfer (DBOT) public projects. His San Francisco firm, Ernest Brown & Company, has received national recognition for its focus on construction, public infrastructure, aviation, engineering and manufacturing.

This book takes on new relevance due to changes to the industry brought on by COVID-19. With the creation of safe distance facilities, homeless housing and more, the need for collaborative partnerships and citizen-initiated projects has grown exponentially. Ready to contribute his feedback regarding construction bidding amid the pandemic, Brown provides insight that is informative, well-researched and illuminating. 

Professionals and citizens alike will find “Citizen’s Guide to P3 Projects: A Legal Primer for Public-Private Partnerships” to be the ultimate resource for a look at the benefits surrounding P3 projects and how it is responsible for extraordinary public projects.


Source: Globenewswire