First concrete pour marks start of works at Expo 2020's US Pavilion

The US pavilion located within the Mobility District of the 4.38km2 Expo 2020 Dubai site has begun construction, with the first concrete pour marked in the presence of the US Ambassador to the UAE, John Rakolta Jr, and the counselor of the US Department of State, T Ulrich Brechbühl.

In line with its theme, ‘What Moves You? The Spirit of Mobility’, the circular pavilion will feature slants fashioned to project the sensation of movement, giving the impression that the building itself is in motion.

Pavilion USA 2020 is being constructed by a public-private partnership between the US Department of State and a consortium of leading US private sector entities. Together, the project team will fund, design, build, operate, and decommission the structure.

PepsiCo, which is the official beverage and snack partner at Expo 2020 Dubai, is the pavilion’s lead sponsor and its official beverage partner, as well.

The pavilion aims to showcasing technologies such as hyperloop, immerse visitors into innovative concepts, and demonstrate how humanity can welcome the future.

Pavilion USA 2020 will also use dance, music, theatre, literature, art, food, sport, and other cultural touchpoints to demonstrate the diverse nature of the country’s states and territories.

Commenting on the start of construction, Rakolta said: “The US pavilion will showcase how freedom and liberty of thought have enabled success and innovation for American entrepreneurs and innovators.

Sharing his thoughts on Pavilion USA 2020, Brechbühl said: “The Department of State is helping tell America’s story at what will be a World’s Fair for the ages.  We are proud to fly America’s flag at the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, and we are confident that this pavilion will showcase the best of American liberty, innovation, and culture.”


Source: Constructionweekonline