Magnum Infinity Hospital Information System from HealthFore selected by IFC for PPP project in Nigeria


Health Fore has been selected to provide the core Hospital Information and Management System for a new super speciality referral hospital in Calabar, the capital of the Cross River Province Nigeria.


Its flagship product Magnum Infinity HIS was selected after a global search in a public-private partnership (PPP) project by International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Nigerian Government.

The mandate from the Nigerian Government to IFC was to implement a PPP model for delivering world class affordable healthcare to its Citizens starting with a referral hospital in Calabar.

The hospital is expected to provide high quality advanced secondary clinical and diagnostic services and it is expected that this hospital will be a model for Nigeria and surrounding countries for viable healthcare under international PPP standards.

HealthFore participated in an international consortium to win a 10 year contract.


 The lead consultants are UCL Healthcare Services Ltd, and other consortium partners include HealthFore Technologies Ltd (India), Utopian Healthcare Consulting (U.S.), Cure Hospital Management Services (U.S.), Cuningham Group (U.S.), Consultants Collaborative Partnership (Nigeria), ITB Nigeria Limited (Nigeria), and Simed International (the Netherlands).


Under the 10-year project plan, the first hospital will be operational in 2015.

The technology component would be provided by HealthFore across divisions. The main frameworks being HealthFore's Magnum Infinity Hospital Information System (HIS), Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS).


With the project going live in the year 2015, approximately 66000 patients are expected to be benefitted by it in a year.

Post inauguration, HealthFore would supply and administer the support staff required at different departments. The project covers the system integration of Greenfield infrastructure and a new Data Centre (DC) and maintaining application uptime across the system.


The DC would be used by other consortium members for their specialist equipment including MRIS etc. with HealthFore running the infrastructure and the HIS layer to create a turnkey window to the Administration and Physicians as well as other stakeholders.

HealthFore's Vice President - Sales, Malav Kapadia sharing his thoughts on the same quoted "The hospital will not only support the State extensively, but also bring about a significant level of confidence and a change in the mind set of people of Calabar region on healthcare."

This is a major step in HealthFore's product strategy around Magnum Infinity HIS and the vision to be a global product based on current technology and leveraging mobile applications, cloud practices.


Magnum Infinity HIS integrates healthcare analytics to provide proactive information to influence clinical outcomes while providing a stable layer for hospital administration.

This has been possible with the deep domain and specialist healthcare knowledge available across the promoter ecosystem through its healthcare entities like Fortis Healthcare, SRL Labs, Religare Health Insurance and Religare Wellness which HealthFore incorporates into its product and services strategy.