AMLO Signs Public-Private Partnership to Defeat Coronavirus

Private hospitals will treat patients who cannot fit into public hospitals to deal with the coronavirus in Mexico.”Todos juntos contra el COVID-19″ (“All together against COVID-19“) is the name of the public-private agreement signed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday, April 13.

This coalition has highlighted the fact that the private sector can manage resources more efficiently than the government. When this vital service is in the hands of the private sector, it saves the state budget (and therefore, the taxpayers), and the funds can be used for patient care.

In the first month of López Obrador’s administration, 24 of the 31 Mexican states reported medicine and staff shortages following the 44% cut in the health budget. As part of his austerity plan, AMLO cut 350 million Mexican pesos (18.5 million USD at the time) from the budget of the Mexican Social Security Institute. However, he dedicated that same amount to the promotion of baseball.

“People are going to die in the streets,” predicted Germán Martínez, director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). He resigned in May, declaring his refusal to fire more doctors. Medical staff in some states was reduced by 50% following the abrupt budget cuts.

The ones most affected are HIV patients (antiretrovirals required by immunodeficiency patients have been reduced by 50%), newborn babies, babies in the womb, children with cancer (especially infants).

Given that 80% of those who died from coronaviruses in Europe already had a chronic health problem, the current situation of the sick in Mexico could become worse.

In fact, like European nations such as France and Italy, which have high mortality rates, Mexico is following the same pattern after 45 days from its first detection of COVID-19.


Source: Panampost