APEC starting PPP knowledge centre


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) organisation mulls to establish a PPP Knowledge Portal which will perform as a source of proficiency for all members.


Philippines PPP Center executive director Cosette Canilao along with the PPP experts advisory panel attended the meeting within the APEC organisation.


To enhance knowledge sharing of PPP schemes is the main object which concludes to the set up of a new centre which can ensure regular information exchanges between member states.

“We are delighted to see APEC economies come together to exchange knowledge in PPP,” said Canilao.

Canilao and her team showed its PPP programme to delegates and conversed ways in which schemes could be enhanced.

Indonesia also spoke at the meeting, which forms part of the wider APEC 2015 conference being held in the Philippines. Indonesia provided information on the creation of its own PPP unit.

In February, APEC comprised infrastructure as a key pillar in its fiscal development plans for the region.

APEC member economies comprises Australia, Canada, the US, Russia, China and Mexico, among others.