Belarus PPP law in its final stage

Two to three months for the final submission of the new Belarus draft law on PPP to parliament. The chairman of the permanent commission on economic policy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Viktor Valyushitsky, declared during a recent conference of the Interagency Infrastructure Coordinating Council, that the draft is about to summed up and was eager for it to pass soon.


He said: "The Economy Ministry is finalising the draft law on public-private partnership, taking into account all remarks submitted during the discussions and also the best international practices.


The draft has been approved by the Council of Ministers and is being prepared to be submitted to the House of Representatives. We expect it in the Parliament within two to three months. We would want the bill to pass the first reading this year. This will be a step towards its subsequent adoption."


It took almost one year to the completion of the law which will speak  about the bankability of projects, making sure they reflect modern trends in the market and making cross-border PPPs easier to finance.


The infrastructure council has examined 8 pilot projects presented by every region. Among the areas they cover include healthcare, public utilities, education, road construction, culture, energy.