Dubai's MOCD, Dubai Holding complete $2.72mn residential renovation project

Dubai’s Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) and Dubai Holding have completed major residential renovation worth $2.72mn (AED10mn), which has been implemented across a number of areas in Dubai.

The ‘Masaai Al Khair’ initiative is aimed at supporting the maintenance and renovation of houses of social security beneficiaries and low-income families, especially elderly citizens and people of determination.

More than 38 houses, which were included in ‘Masaai Al Khair’ initiative, have been fully renovated across Hatta and several areas in Dubai. These houses have undergone different types of internal and external maintenance works.

Dubai Holding is responsible for the $2.72mn (AED10mn) financing of the project after Dubai Municipality carried out the necessary engineering and technical evaluation of each house to begin maintenance and required extensions.

Launched by MOCD and in partnership with Dubai Holding, the ‘Masaai Al Khair’ initiative focuses on enhancing community responsibility towards different members of the society while bringing together government authorities and the private sector to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in support of social security beneficiaries.

Through this initiative, MOCD provides the data of social security beneficiaries and low-income families who meet the eligibility requirements of receiving house maintenance, extension, and renovation services.

The assistant undersecretary of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Community Development, Nasser Ismail, emphasised on the importance of such initiatives that emanate from a sense of social responsibility and enhance the collaboration between government authorities, the private sector, and other various related entities.

Ismail added that adequate housing and living conditions are a basic right for all Emiratis, especially social security beneficiaries and low-income families, emphasising on the importance of identifying the needs of families and local community members, and securing them in every possible way.

The managing director of Dubai Holding, Khalid Al Malik, said: “The ‘Masaai Al Khair’ initiative serves as a leading example of the success of public-private partnerships focused on promoting social responsibility in the community and highlighting the significant contribution collaboration can deliver towards helping build a sustainable future for our nation.

“At Dubai Holding, we are committed to supporting and leading initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of community members, and we take pride in playing a role in fostering happiness and well-being in Dubai and beyond For the Good of Tomorrow.”


Source: Mepmiddleeast