Indian waste management PPP deal ends

The Dehradun municipal corporation (DMC) in Northern India has terminated the partnership agreement with the private partner on one of its waste projects


This week the private partner for the waste disposal PPP, Doon Valley Waste Management (DVWM) handed back all machinery and paraphernalia related to the project, ending three years of partnership.

Though the DMC administration refused to term it as a final closure, DVWM’s statement made it apparent that the handing over of the machinery indicated an end of a three-year-long association between the parties as a result of contractual irregularities. It has come as a major setback to the garbage disposal mechanism of the state capital.

The DMC and the DVWM had originally signed a contract for management of solid waste in the state capital in March 2011. After three years of a sweet and sour relationship, the DVWM served its final termination notice to the civic body on 31 January, citing issues related to the contract terms as the reason for the dispute.

Lacking adequate resources and manpower, the DMC will now be required to come up with a proper garbage disposal backup for the state capital in the wake of the company’s termination.