Pakistan launched housing and expressway PPP



Lahore has dealt out a request for proposals (RFP) for a housing PPP which follows the introduction of an expressway PPP.


The Government of Punjab’s Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is looking for a private partner to finance, design, plan, develop and construct affordable housing units. 


The LDA on behalf of the Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) aims to gain finished double-storey townhouses and affordable housing apartments.


The company will have to finance, design, and construct affordable housing units in one portion of the site and finance, plan and develop plots on the remaining area.


 As a compensation of the company’s investment, the PLDC shall gradually handover commercial, residential and public building plots developed in the scheme to the company with comprehensive propriety rights.The last date for submission of bids is 26 May 2015.


In March, the LDA issued an RFP for the 25-year ‘G.T. Road Expressway’ PPP. The private partner will design, finance, construct, maintain and operate a 5.8km expressway on the G.T. Road from Shahdara to Rachna Town. In exchange for the investment, the company will collect tolls on the expressway.


The project includes 3+3 car lane and a 2-lane bus corridor and a 2-lane service road on both sides. It also comprises four new bus stations and the renovation of an existing station. Bids are due 15 May 2015.