PPP bullet train in Ghana


Ghana plans for a new bullet train PPP.


Ghana’s Minister of Public Private Partnerships has revealed the plan.


Rashid Pelpuo has proposed New York investment bank Chesterfield Faring to develop a request for proposal (RFP) to build the elevated light rail mass transit commuter system which will connect a newly developed trade zone to the Accra Airport.



The second proposed plan is of a connecting bullet train from Accra to Kumasi.This project will cover 120,000sq m in Accra plus a 65,000 sq m in Kumasi. Initial estimates for Phase 1 of the RFP is $12bn, growing to $30bn over the course of the decade.


After the completion of the master plan of the rail and Transit Oriented Development the bids will be opened in the RFP


Pelpuo opines: "We sought out the best firm with the greatest vision to improve the everyday lives of all of our citizens through an improved affordable transit system. We will be building beautiful sustainable 'cities within our city' that will be a model for all of Africa into the future.”