PPP Financing, Policy and Law Master Class (New Kingston, Jamaica - November 19-22, 2019)

Successful PPPs have one thing in common: a solid and sound structure and system fuelled by interdependence from all stakeholders involved. Besides a shared vision, it requires the knowledge and the capacity to make it happen.

Capacity building starts NOW. We need to understand the critical success factors of PPPs and how concepts translate into real progress, anticipate draining inhibitors, find effective solutions, learn from tried and tested best practices and most importantly, move beyond them and explore the avenues to innovate.

This master class aims to do just that.

Beginning with an in-depth understanding of how PPPs and project finance work, to policy and law, all the way to contract mechanisms, financial structuring, and risk analysis, we seek to push our participants to master and innovate, with the aid of a good number of carefully designed and customized group exercises and case studies.

The final day of the course will be devoted to a series of case studies of actual current projects in the power, transport, and social infrastructure sectors, etc, which will demonstrate how the knowledge gained in days 1-3 is applied in practice.


PPP frameworks already exist or are being put into place in many countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. However, the number of actual projects, especially those successful ones, remains low. One of the key challenges to further progress is capacity building in both the public and private sectors to address the faced bottlenecks.

This course will combine intensive training on PPP financing, policy and law, and concentrate on a practical approach to procuring and structuring PPP projects, with a strong emphasis on real-life examples. The theoretical project management, financial and legal frameworks will be studied in detail, and case studies will then be used to show how the theory works in practice.

Why Attend

The course offers a unique combination of intensive training on PPP financing, policy and law by a trainer with extensive practical experience, rounded off with detailed case studies showing how theory is applied in practice.

Participants can look forward to learning about:

  • The role of PPPs and project finance in developing public infrastructure

  • PPP policy and law

  • Sources of finance

  • Risk analysis in PPPs

  • PPP contracts

  • Major sub-contracts (construction, operation etc)

  • Financial structuring of PPPs

  • Loan documentation

  • Public-sector evaluation and procurement of PPPs

Who Should Attend:

In the public sector, this master class will benefit officials from ministries of:

  • Finance, including PPP units

  • Transport

  • Power

  • Health

  • Public Works

  • Other ministries and privatisation agencies concerned

In the private sector, this master class will benefit:

  • Bankers involved in infrastructure finance

  • Lawyers who wish to improve their understanding of the commercial and financial background of PPPs

  • Engineers who wish to understand the particular requirements of working in PPP projects

  • Construction companies and equipment suppliers involved with PPPs etc.

Source: businesswire