PPP Projects for coastal safety in Indonesia

To strengthen coastal safety at the northern coastal line of Central Java the governments of Indonesia and the Netherlands came to an agreement of five-year public-private partnership (PPP).


This project is financed by the Dutch Sustainable Water Fund. To use natural protection to strengthen sustainable coastal engineering is the main aim of this project.


Such natural protection includes to enhance coastal safety, fight erosion, usage of ecosystems, such as mangroves and salt marsh habitats. The cooperation between the Indonesian and Dutch governments is the leading international case of the “Building with Nature Innovation Program.”


By using infrastructure that does not fight against nature, but instead using mostly natural solutions, it is expected to bring more prosperity to local economies such as through enhanced fisheries and carbon storage, as well as being more cost-effective.


This project is the follow-up of a pilot project that ended in 2014, focuses on the coastal line in the Demak district where flooding is expected to reach six kilometers inland by 2100 affecting over 70,000 residents.


On behalf of the Dutch Ecoshape Consortium, Wetlands International synchronizes the ingenuity in partnership with the Indonesian Government, consultancy agency Witteveen + Bos; knowledge institutes Deltares, Wageningen University & Research Centre and UNESCO-IHE, dredging companies Boskalis and Van Oord, local government and communities.


Source : indonesia-investments.com