RFQ 21-0630 – Public Private Partnership – City owned property

The City of West Park (the “City”), Florida, invites experienced individuals, groups, or companies to respond to Request For Qualifications, RFQ #21-0630 for the selection of a “Master Developer” to develop City owned, vacant, commercial properties at 2417 South State Road 7 and 5925 SW 25th Street.

Following RFQ submittal, the City will determine which firm(s) are qualified to participate in the development of City owned, properties at 2417 South State Road 7 (Folio 5141 2402 1061) and at 5925 SW 25th Street (Folio 5141 2402 1070). The combined square footage of the two properties is 19,149 sq. ft. Both properties are adjacent to one another and are located within the Transit Oriented Corridor mixed-use, zoning district. 

In accordance with the goals and objectives of the Transit Oriented district, the City intends to facilitate sustainable, pedestrian-oriented development along the State Road 7 mixed-use, commercial corridor. In accordance with project grant requirements, for-profit development is strongly encouraged. The City also supports the establishment of long desired commercial uses to serve the local population including but not limited to a branch bank or retail shipping, postal and printing service center.

Qualification packages must be submitted in accordance with guidelines contained in RFQ 21-0630. A complete copy of RFQ 21-0630 may be obtained on the City of West Park website, or by submitting a request via e-mail to agrant@cityofwestpark.org.

Submittal Deadline – Qualification packets will be accepted by the City of West Park until the City has determined that an acceptable qualification packet has been received in accordance with the goals and objectives of RFQ 21-0630. Qualification packets must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office at the West Park City Hall at: 1965 South State Road 7, West Park, Florida 33023. 

Conflict of Interest Notification Requirement – If you are an employee, board member, elected officials or an immediate family member of any such person, please indicate the relationship with your firm’s submittal. 

Under the Form Section of RFQ 21-0630, your firm must complete the Conflict of Interest Notification Questionnaire and submit with your firm’s response. The City will also conduct reference checks as part of required due diligence to determine the capability of individual firms. Each responding firm must provide verifiable references for projects of similar scope.

Cone of Silence – The City of West Park City Commission adopted legislation imposing a Cone of Silence associated with City purchases involving goods and services. The Cone of Silence refers to limits on communications held between Proposers, Proposers representatives and City elected officials, management and staff during the period in which a Formal Solicitation is declared open. 

For the purpose of this solicitation, City Commission members, management, and staff are also included in this Cone of Silence. The Cone of Silence shall be imposed when a formal competitive solicitation has been issued and shall remain in effect until an award is made, a contract is approved, or the City Commission takes any other action which ends the solicitation.


Source: Communitynewspapers