The City of Sedalia has announced a public-private partnership with the Furnell family to develop the property at 2nd Street between Osage and Ohio. This development will serve to bring more people downtown as a destination, while also providing amenities to make them comfortable while at this or other places in the area.

The city says the project will include an event pavilion, an open pad, a shelter and restrooms, along with extra green space capable of comfortably housing large events for 850 participants.

Through the Parks and Recreation Department, the entire area, including the pavilion, will be programmed for 20 public events per year, including the Scott Joplin Festival. In addition to these 20 events, the developer will rent the pavilion and host other events, which will bring more patrons to downtown Sedalia as a destination.

The shelter and restrooms will remain open to the public at all times when a specific event is not taking place in the pavilion area. While the current construction material availability along with labor shortages may cause delays, hopes are this project can be built this fall.


Source: Kmmo