Strong Leadership, Communication & Decisions Based on Science, and Digital Initiatives Will Help Reset Healthcare

Healthcare plays an critical role in overall development of an individual and the society. Public policy, across countries and over time, has progressively assimilated this channel and attempted equitable and efficient delivery of healthcare . 

The need to provide healthcare which is accessible and affordable, now more than ever, becomes a necessity. Addressing the multiplicity of challenges that we face hinges on our expenditure and outlay on healthcare which is, at present, extremely low.

Technology is driving the industry whether it be with advancements in the medical device industry, or how artificial intelligence is allowing for greater precision in the identification of diseases. 

It is imperative that we leverage the benefits of technology in every aspect of the healthcare delivery process to ensure the best outcomes possible. We need to focus our efforts in achieving the same to ensure the welfare of the general population.


Source: Indiaeducationdiary