Tenders due for new Egypt PPPs

EXCLUSIVE: The government of Egypt has confirmed a series of new cross-sector PPPs to hit the market this year, with the first two deals to be tendered before the end of the month.


PPP Central Unit director, Atter Hannoura, told Partnerships Bulletin that the projects were in the offing and will be staggered throughout 2015.

The first to hit the market will be the creation of a new smart village under a P3 model, which will include the development of buildings dedicated to outsourcing business and call centres. The private sector team will finance construction of the facilities, which will then be leased to any business interested in outsourcing their services.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice will see the rehabilitation of 400 notarization offices nationwide. Under this deal, the private sector will develop all of the buildings, refurbish the sites and oversee operations, as well as overseeing the connection of all the buildings together through enhanced IT services.  

Hannoura also revealed a new Nile River bus service serving the greater Cairo region will be tendered at the end of April. A port development, plus water and desalination plans will also be tendered by the third quarter of the year. 
The Egyptian PPP market has faced a rocky road since the political problems that have plagued the country since 2011.