Thailand to raise value of PPP plans

The government of Thailand is considering raising the amount it has in joint investments with the private sector in order to speed up the state’s infrastructure plan.


The state’s Public-Private Partnership Policy Committee has been told to consult with the Transport Ministry and Public Debt Management Office about increasing the value of PPPs for transport infrastructure.


Currently the state is only spending $90m on transport out of the $580m of infrastructure projects planned from 2015-2022.


Kulit Sombatsiri, director general of the State Eneterprise Office, said: "The committee agreed the role of the PPP should be increased in order to speed up transport infrastructure projects and to reduce the state's investment and debt burden."


How much the private sector will contribute is not yet known. Mr Kulit said the PPP programme would get off the ground soon, as 17 relevant laws and regulations facilitating joint investments by the private sector would be finalised next month.