The Internet in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan follows PPP in Internet service.


Currently the vital matters are to advance the quality of the Internet services. Increasing the optic infrastructure is also important, without which high quality of the services is impossible to reach.


The chairman of the Internet community of Azerbaijan (ISA) Galib Gurbanov has said that, till now, ADSL network access is the most popular technology in Azerbaijan, due to its low cost while in some European countries, this technology is almost never used.


The country is among the 20 countries of the world, in which 3G technology (third generation mobile communication) is available with a complete coverage.


 Plans to develop the broadband infrastructure are serious! The largest regional DATA-center of Tier3 level launched in Azerbaijan by the end of March. 


The main objectives of the project are to deliver the high-speed internet in the range of 10-100 megabits per second throughout the country, including remote rural areas, and to increase the number of the broadband internet users up to 85%.


 This would allow Azerbaijan to reach the level of the developed countries by 2018. The total project cost is estimated to be more than 450 million AZN.


The PPP (Public-Private Partnership) initiative is considered to reinforce the cooperation between private sector and government, which would finally develop various areas of economy and improve the public services.


There are 40 Internet providers in Azerbaijan. According to the ISA chairman, Galib Gurbanov, Azerbaijani Internet providers do not have technical and financial capabilities (due to the high cost of cabling and channel lease) for the deployment of services in remote settlements.


The application of a satellite program would back the further development of the Internet in Azerbaijan and the decrease of tariffs for telecommunications services.


The second satellite “Azerspace-2″ is planned to be launched in 2017.