UNECE’s PPP rules making headway

 The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is expecting that member states will begin implementing its standards on Public Private Partnership in the second half of this year.


Tony Bonnici, senior member of the PPP secretariat at UNECE said that countries are facing a number of common trials in developing PPP. He hoped to solve the situation with the new guidance.


Speaking at the Speed uPPP Ukraine conference in Kiev, Bonnici said 27 standards have already been developed for countries should to adopt and aimed to have 12 rolled out over the rest of 2015.


“It is clear there is a distinct lack of policies and standards that countries should be following for PPP development,” he said. “By developing policies and rules to follow we believe countries will have the guide to help their PPP processes.” 


Bonnici also emphasized on corruption in the PPP market, saying it is imperative that this area is addressed early as it could ruin projects before they are even started.


“There should be zero tolerance in PPP procurement, this is where we see it most and hinders projects before they even start.” UNECE was developing a new certification scheme to hold issues around corruption in the PPP market.