World Bank preparing PPP guide


World Bank is developing a new best practice guide for PPPs. A new qualification scheme that will help to increase the standards for the industry is also to be introduced.


The World Bank Group came to collaboration with examination institute APMG International to work on the project, which will conclude in a new best practice guide to delivering PPPs effectively.


To speed up the program a Consultative Committee has been set up which includes the World Bank Group, the Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank (through its Multilateral Investment Fund), Islamic Development Bank and PPIAF.


Senior infrastructure adviser Andres Rebollo, David Ehrhardt, chief executive of advisory firm Castalia, and William Dachs, chief operating officer of the Gautrain Management Agency are in the team to look after the research, plan and author the guide.


Ehrhardt said: "PPPs offer huge opportunities to increase investment, efficiency and sustainability in infrastructure. It is exciting to work with a global team of PPP practitioners to synthesise our diverse perspectives and create a consensus view on global good practice." The initiative is the latest development in the World Bank and APMG programme to enhance PPP expertise.